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PGA Jr League

PGA Jr League Golf is here at Shamrock Hills and Unity Village! 


PGA Jr. League brings friends, families and communities together through golf. Open to boys and girls ages 8-13 and 14-17, our PGA Jr. League program creates fun-filled, team golf experiences your kids won’t forget with expert coaching from our PGA Coaches!

Our PGA Jr. League teams are open to players of all skill levels, from true beginners to competitive golfers. Kids will learn and play in a two-person, scramble format that fosters mentorship among teammates. Over the course of each season, we see our players grow in confidence, learn to work as a team and develop problem-solving skills.


Behind each and every PGA Jr. League team is a PGA Coach providing a safe, caring and organized environment for every child to become (and stay) a golfer. These experts in the game are provided with flexibility to create a coaching program that works best for their players and families. 


Cost: $424 ($325 coach fee +$99 gamechanger fee)



Starting the week of 5/20-8/5

Tuesdays at Shamrock - Thursdays at Unity Village

10 practices (tuesdays/thursdays) and 6 matches (weekends)

530pm and 630pm class times


Age Divisions:



Match schedule being finalized soon.

To Sign up -

Tuesday at Shamrock: 13u Sign Up Link or 17u Sign Up Link


Thursday at Unity: 13u Sign Up Link or 17u Sign Up Link

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 The PGA Jr. League Format: Each team is broken down into two or three-person pairs who play together in games. ‍ All PGA Jr. League games are played in a scramble format. This means that each players on the team hit drives. The best shot is selected, then each player plays from the selected spot, and this process continues until the ball is holed. ‍ The scramble format is key in allowing everyone to hit shots and contribute to the team. PGA Jr. League utilizes match play scoring, which focuses on performance vs. a score-to-par as is traditional with golf. ‍ Within a PGA Jr. League game, pairs play in a head-to-head, 9-hole match. Each match is broken into three flags. Each flag is three holes in a row, and each team has the opportunity to earn points at the end of each flag.

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