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Training for Greatness

Austin has been working as a golf professional in the Kansas City area since summer 2012. Before turning professional, he had a stand out career at Lee’s Summit West High School that led him to the University of Central Missouri. While there, he played on the golf team and studied in the Kinesiology department teaching him more about how the body works and how to relate that to the golf swing. After graduating in 2013,

A couple of Austin's most proud professional accomplishments are revamping his own game after a bout with the yips to work himself to a +6.3 handicap in 2022 and qualifying for the Professional National Championship for PGA Professionals in 2020 and 2022. 


Austin was elected to PGA Membership in January of 2018. He's continued to perfect his teaching methods through thousands of lessons and around a dozen professional certifications. These programs are the culmination of that very experience and knowledge. 

Real methods for real results with real people. 


Game of Match Ups

Austin doesn't believe in just teaching one method to learning the golf swing. Golf is understanding cause and effect through understanding match ups like

  • club face and path 

  • grip and club face 

  • the body and its abilities/limitations

  • thought process vs it's execution

  • my favorite of real vs. feel.


Everything we move in the golf swing has a match up and it's important to identify that early. 

With Austin's help you'll learn more about what your individual tendencies are, how to make corrections best for your golf swing and have a deeper understanding of why you do what you do. 

Our number one goal is to make you your best coach. 

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